Zone Diet

lunes, 21 de abril de 2008

The Zone Diet

An excellent work from Kagaya

The Zone Diet gets its name to the fact that it tries to maintain the insulin in a stable zone. We have to balance our glucose level, neither allowing it descend causing to us fatigue, nor permitting that it might raises, as a reaction of the hormone to turn those excess of carbohydrates fats. Developed by the Dr Barry Sears fiftteen years ago to treat cardiopathies and diabetes, in 1995 he published his first book, "The Zone Diet". Soon the Zone Diet was embraced by known Hollywood artists like Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt or Cindy Crawford, which caused that it became extraordinarily popular. We do not see special danger in following the Zone Diet. Iit recommends to follow it under medical monitoring and it is balanced and very related to the Mediterranean diet, of which it removes its few components of red meat, animal fats and refined sugars and bread.

The Zone Diet recommends to make five meals to the day, three of them strong (breakfast, lunch and supper) and two lighter (at mid-morning and at the time of merienda (afternoon snack)). It advises not to let pass more than four hours without eating, in order that the rate of insulin does not rise. It would alter the sugar level in blood.

A Zone Diet menu type would be:


Example a) Toasted integral bread with proteins (turkey or chicken breast, or white of egg and coffee or red tea or green tea (no very loaded) black or with skimmed milk.

Example b) Two skimmed yogurts’ with muesli (not sweetened) and coffee or tea.

During the morning

a) a piece of fruit (pear, apple) and five almonds or hazelnuts.
b) a dry dessert of soybean and fruits.

A protein combination (chicken breast 120 grs; either 120 turkey breast, or hamburger chicken-turkey; or tuna 140 grs; either 180 salmon grs, or hake 180 grs). with a carbohydrate: cabbages, cauliflower, broccoli, green beans, tomato, lettuce and some fruit.